Podcast: Hotell Pandemonium - A radio drama

Hotell Pandemonium is a radio play created by myself for Radio Nova, Oslo’s student radio station. Episodes air bi-weekly, and 12 episodes are planned in total.Its genre is comedy/crime/mystery, and I utilize well known tropes used in other radio plays, films and books, such as "Dickie Dick Dickens" or Agatha Christie-novels.

Petter Nøss



The story revolves around Kvisthaug, a hard boiled detective, who (for reasons yet to be revealed) check into a run-down Hotel in a small town where "nothing ever happens". It is revealed that a precious emerald, "The Green Swan" has been stolen, and Kvisthaug takes it upon himself to solve the case. Quickly, strange things start happening, and we meet handful of strange characters. One of them gets murdered, and the story heads in new directions as conspiracies and secrets are uncovered.

Check it out! Podcast: Hotell Pandemonium - A radio drama

The episodes range between five to eight minutes in length, and I write, direct and edit them myself. I also narrate it, and play a couple of characters, including the main character. Fellow students play the other characters.

In the beginning, I made the show as a joke and had no end-goal in mind as the story was concerned but realized I wanted to carry it out and make 12 episodes, so that it could have a conclusive ending. I’m planning on finishing it by summer.