Re-establishing mead on the Norwegian market

A group of three friends decides to start a small brewery, called Blomsterbarna (meaning The Flower Children in Norwegian). Their goal is to re-establish mead on the Norwegian market, as mead is often associated with vikings in Norway —Blomsterbarna wants to change that. This is their modern take on mead.

Tilde Sofie Garmager, Bendik Hattvang Larsen & Ingvild Andersen

Packaging design - Blomsterbarna Bryggeri. The target group is young adults between 21-27 years, located around and in the Grünerløkka area of Oslo. They also have more exclusive tendencies and wants to stand out in the crowd, while looking like they know what they are talking about (even though they may not).

As a small and local brewery each member of Blomsterbarna wants to show each of their personalities on the bottles through design and taste. Each member has their distinct favorite kind of mead, which is their speciality. They wish to have a personal approach in order to establish feeling of a close relationship between the buyer and the brewery, as well as communicating authenticity. The design communicates both the taste and their personalities, mainly trough illustrations and colors, which makes them stand out from the other meads on the market. The colored bottles combined with big illustration also makes them distinguishable from each other and clearly communicates the taste.