Podcastinering Ep01: Student economics and existential crisis

Podcastinering is a podcast made by – and for students. The podcast circles around the different aspects and struggles you come across during the student years, such as economic challenges, relationships, part time jobs, living situations, life on and off campus. Each episode has one specific theme.

The goal is not necessarily to answer questions, but to reflect and be bluntly honest about how fucked up, funny and strange student life can be.



The hosts are laid back and humoristic, and represent the average student. We also try to bring in an expert view to each episode. In addition, there will be entertaining elements during the episodes, such as stunts and interviews with relevant, established people; politicians, artists, scientists – or just a student who has an opinion on the matter.

The goal is to make one episode for every two weeks. Each episode lasts for a maximum of 40 minutes. Check it out and stay tuned for our next episode!