Venus – empowering female shapes and beauty

Breast cancer affects millions of women all over the world, and it often has a large impact on their bodies. Nora Margrete Marsteen (22) wanted to illuminate that the female body still is beautiful regardless stresses and disease.

Mellina Villanueva


– When people go through diseases they’re often at a low point in life, and they might experience drastic changes to their bodies. This often makes them forget to focus on what is still beautiful. I wanted to challenge the notion of beauty.

As a result of this idea, Nora made Venus – a vase shaped as a female body, even when it goes through hard times. The vase is named after the Roman goddess encompassing love, beauty, desire, sex, fertility, prosperity and victory.  

Alongside with the message Nora is telling through her vases, we believe this is a message of body positivity – all women are beautiful, and we’re all beautiful in our own, unique way.

Hurray for celebrating the female body!