Norwegian students bring back the 80's!

All photos: Boden World @bodenworld

All photos: Boden World @bodenworld

Back in 2014 Elias Bjørnson Olderbakk (22) and Jonas Vetlesen (24) met at Designinstituttet in Oslo, where they studied design and architecture for a year. One year later the two young men continued to study design at The Oslo School of Architecture and Design, where they also met Axel Berggraf Egenæs (23). Little did they know back then that this was the start of their multidisciplinary design studio and clothing brand – Boden.

Mellina Villanueva

Even though the guys met back in 2015, it wasn’t until January 2018 the story of Boden began. Olderbakk, Vetlesen and Berggraf Egenæs borrowed a clothing presser that they installed in a storage room in a basement, or kjellerbod in Norwegian – thereof the brand’s name Boden, that later has become Boden’s production facility. All of them had the urge to take advantage of their earned design skills built up over the past four years, and target them to something they could control and manage themselves – both visually and strategically.


– We knew that we had the ability to work really fast when we became our own bosses, which made us really productive. And we also wanted to show that we all know different things and therefore create a platform to show the range of our work that combines our design knowledge from school, as well as our own personal interests. So we figured that the best way to show that we know something is to make something and just do it, says Olderbakk.


– What inspires us is the business thinking they had in the 80’s and the 90’s, where everything were branded with the names of the corporations and big words. Our production method makes it possible to create prototypes the same day as the idea is born. The faster we can make our ideas come to life, the more inspired we get, Olderbakk continues.

Despite the fact that Boden came to life only months ago, Olderbakk tells us that they already have had the opportunity to work with many great people contacting them thinking what they do is really cool, and for that they are grateful.

– It’s super motivating!


Boden’s future looks mighty bright, if we shall believe Olderbakk (which we obviously do).

– We will continue working the way we already do, as well as exploring new areas to create design. Right now we’re working on our first magazine, published by Boden Publishing, that is going to be released in our own pop-up shop on July 6th. We’re also working on our first short film that is going to be ready by the end of the summer.

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– In the future there will be many new subsidiary companies under Boden World, so just keep your eyes open, Olderbakk ends.

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If you’re in Oslo between July 6th and 7th, don’t miss out on Bodens pop-up shop and magazine release: