Stupid me: Why are there so many movies about gay people?

Not long ago, I got a proper slap in the face eye-opener. I was at Westerdals' screening of the Film and TV students' bachelor thesis, and I couldn’t decide whether or not it annoyed me with the fact that two of the stories concerned gay relationships.

Text: Mellina Villanueva

The first film involved two young men in love, while the other involved two young women in love. I guess it annoyed me more than it made me happy at first. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all up for LGBTQ+ acceptance, and I’m truly glad it’s becoming more and more accepted. The reason why I got annoyed, I suppose, was because I’ve had a sneaky feeling that more and more books, movies, TV-series, and also music, are themed with gay-romance. “What’s wrong about that?”, you might ask, and I ask myself the same question now that I realize what I’m about to tell.

I was afraid that the reason why so many fictional stories concerned gay people, only was due to money and success, and the praise that comes with. I was worried that it had become a trend to be gay-supportive, which isn’t wrong at all, but that the whole foundation for it simply grounded on the hype, the income. So, exploiting LGBTQ+ to stand out from the crowd of all of the already existing hetereosexual love stories, is that moral?

These days, people are running to the cinemas to watch “Love, Simon”, a movie about a closeted gay high school boy who falls in love with a boy online, directed by Greg Berlanti. Some months ago, the screens were filled with people eager to watch “Call Me By Your Name”, a movie about a romantic relationship between a 17-year-old boy and his father’s 24-year-old, male, graduate student-assistant, directed by Luca Guadagnino.

At the same time fans from all over the world can’t wait for the release of the sixth season of Orange Is The New Black, where lesbian relationships plays a huge part of the very act. Moreover, as many as 225.000 people attended Oslo Pride 2018, and nearly every big company has changed their regular logo to a rainbow-coated version of their logo. The LGBTQ+ acceptance has come a long way during the past years, and today you get judged if you’re against it, rather than gay people getting judged for being gay.

And that’s amazing.

As I said, I support LGBTQ+ one hundred percent. Therefore it was really weird for me feeling annoyed by the two films with same sex romance. Luckily for me I have good friends who knows how to see the world from a different perspective than I do. After speaking to them about my thoughts on gay-related movies, series, books and music, they made me realize how great it actually is that there are more and more stories with these themes. I also realized how thoughtless I’d been; how are gay-relationships supposed to get as normal as heterosexual relationships if we aren’t exposed to it? Why didn’t I get annoyed about how many heterosexual movies there are? Of course there needs to be stories that shows same sex relationships in order for it to become fully accepted.

Stupid me. (Yes, I’m very much embarrassed. But hey, maybe I wasn’t the only one having these ridiculous thoughts. What a great thing that you can read this and now agree with my revelation).

Be proud every day, and keep making LGBTQ+ more accepted by creating more stories with these themes.