Insight and concept development

Project: Tine

Team: Henriette Wulff, Simon Ström, Eirik Mossefinn, Andrea Lütken, Silje Bruvik, Peter Midtvedt, Helene Thorbjørnsen, Steffen Hansson, Trond Søbstad.

Case: Tine wanted a concrete and clear market initiative that would reach a younger audience. A target audience that does not already have an active relationship with their brand today. Together with Superblaise we developed Heimatt, where their target group can feel at home, drink coffee, study and order breakfast all day long. Go check it out in Jens Bjelkes gate 9A, 0562 Oslo.


References: http://kreativtforum.no/arbeid/2018/01/heimatt-falt-i-smak 

Hege Homlong, Innovation Director at Tine


References: http://kreativtforum.no/arbeid/2018/01/heimatt-falt-i-smak 

Hege Homlong, Innovation Director at Tine